Suicide attack targets MP in Afghan capital

Officials say the suspected Taliban attack killed three people and wounded MP Mujedi.

    A suicide bomber has attacked an MP in the Afghan capital Kabul, killing three people and wounding the politician, officials have said.

    Sediq Sediqqi, a spokesman for the interior ministry, said Gul Pacha Mujedi, an MP from eastern Paktia province, was wounded in the bombing along with seven other people in the incident on Sunday.

    "The target of the attack was Mujedi, who was coming out of a meeting from an office when the bomber attacked him," Sediqqi said.

    No group has claimed responsibility, but the Taliban have stepped up their attacks recently, using roadside bombs and suicide bombers to target security forces and government officials.

    Last Wednesday, a suicide car bomber in Kabul killed at least six people and wounded 31, according to Afghan security officials.

    NATO ended its combat operation against the Taliban in December after 13 years of war, leaving Afghan forces to deal with the fighters themselves.

    A smaller contingent of foreign troops, most of them from the US, are staying on for training and counter-terrorism operations.

    But there have been fears that without the military muscle of the US-led NATO coalition behind them, Afghan forces could struggle to quell the campaign.

    US President Barack Obama said on Tuesday the current force of about 10,000 will remain in Afghanistan into 2016.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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