Late Podolski equaliser spares Germany's blushes

World champions needed late goal to salvage a draw against Asian champions Australia in their football friendly.

    Podolski scored his opener just nine minutes after coming on [Getty Images]
    Podolski scored his opener just nine minutes after coming on [Getty Images]

    Substitute Lukas Podolski grabbed an 81st-minute equaliser to rescue a 2-2 draw for 2014 World Cup winners Germany in an entertaining friendly against Asian champions Australia.

    Podolski, who has been mainly on the bench for Inter Milan recently, stroked the ball home from close range with his left foot nine minutes after coming on to score his 48th goal for his country.


    Georgia 2-0 Malta

    Denmark 3-2 USA 

    Germany 2-2 Australia

    Scotland 1-0 Northern Ireland

    Socceroos captain Mile Jedinak had made up for gifting Germany the lead by putting his side 2-1 up with a brilliant curling free kick in the 50th minute.

    Earlier, Marco Reus gave the hosts a 1-0 advantage before James Troisi levelled.

    Bendtner's rescue act

    Elsewhere, Nicklas Bendtner scored twice in the last seven minutes to complete a superb hat-trick as Denmark came from behind to beat the United States 3-2 in another friendly.

    It turned out to be a double celebration for captain Christian Eriksen as he became the youngest Dane to win a half-century of caps.

    The hosts enjoyed most of the possession but it was Jozy Altidore who put the US ahead after 19 minutes, latching on to a cross and thumping it home with his left foot.

    VFL Wolfsburg forward Bendtner levelled the score after 33 minutes by slotting the ball into an empty net from five metres out.

    Altidore turned provider in the second half, flicking the ball into the path of Aron Johannsson, who poked home to take the lead again before Bendtner netted twice in the final seven minutes to steal the win for his side.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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