Ireland hang on to quarter-final hopes after narrow win

Joyce hits ton as the Irish knock Zimbabwe out of the cricket World Cup.

    Ireland bowlers gave away just two wides and one no-ball [AFP]
    Ireland bowlers gave away just two wides and one no-ball [AFP]

    Seamer Alex Cusack took two wickets off three balls in the final over as Ireland knocked Zimbabwe out of the World Cup with a thrilling five-run win in their Pool B match at Bellerive Oval in Hobart.

    The African side, chasing Ireland's total of 331 for eight, were bowled out for 326 with three balls remaining to become the first Test-playing nation to be ruled out of contention for a place in the quarter-finals.

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    With Zimbabwe needing just seven runs in the last over, Cusack (4-32) took a wicket on his first and third balls.

    Brendan Taylor (121), leading Zimbabwe in place of injured captain Elton Chigumbura, hit his seventh ODI hundred and combined in a 159-run stand with Sean Williams (96) but their efforts were not enough.

    Earlier, Ed Joyce hit his first World Cup century while Andy Balbirnie contributed with a 97 to help Ireland to a hefty total after they were put in to bat first.


    Ireland 331-8 in 50 overs (Joyce 112, Chatara 3-61)

    Zimbabwe 326 all out in 49.3 overs (Taylor 121, Cusack 4-32)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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