Several injured in knife attack at China train station

Assailants, one of whom was shot dead by police, injure nine people outside station in southern city of Guangzhou.

    At least two assailants armed with knives have attacked people at a train station in southern China, injuring nine, officials have said.

    Officers fatally shot one of the suspects in Friday’s attack, while a second suspect was captured, police in the city of Guangzhou said in a statement.

    The incident is still under investigation and a motive has not been determined, police said.

    Photos and video posted on social media reportedly showed the attack took place in a square outside the station.

    One video showed a man hacking people with a cleaver near a vendor stall while a security officer approached with a long baton.

    Photos showed blood smeared in several places on the rain-soaked pavement.

    A knife attack at a train station in the southern city of Kunming about a year ago claimed 29 lives.

    Authorities blamed separatists from the western province of Xinjiang.

    China has also suffered a spate of knife attacks on schoolchildren carried out by people lashing out over personal problems.



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