Australia knock India out to reach World Cup final

Battle of the co-hosts in the final after holders are beaten; Australia will take on New Zealand at the MCG on Sunday.

    Australia are four-time World Cup winners [Reuters]
    Australia are four-time World Cup winners [Reuters]

    Four-time winners Australia beat defending champions India by 95 runs to reach the final of the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

    Steve Smith's sublime century laid the groundwork and Australia's pace bowlers finished the job to send the co-hosts storming into a seventh World Cup final.

    Australia move on to the MCG and a shot at a fifth title against New Zealand on Sunday.

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    Smith's 105 helped Australia to a total of 328 for seven, the highest in a World Cup semi-final, and although skipper MS Dhoni hit a defiant 65 in what might be his final ODI innings, India were dismissed for 233 in the 47th over.

    India might have fancied their chances of chasing the target down after making a solid start on a good pitch in perfect weather conditions and backed by the majority of a noisy crowd of 42,330 at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

    Mitchell Johnson and Josh Hazlewood had other ideas, however, and they tore the heart out of India's top order by sending Shikhar Dhawan (45), Virat Kohli (one) and Rohit Sharma (34) back inside six overs.

    When James Faulkner, who had been hammered for 23 runs by Dhawan in his first two overs, got into the act by dismissing Suresh Raina (seven), India had lost four of their most coveted wickets for the addition of just 32 runs to fall to 108-4.

    Dhoni's team was never able to recover from that and despite a valiant fightback from the captain, Australia prevailed to set up a final between the co-hosts.


    Australia 328-7 in 50 overs (Smith 105, Yadav 4-72)

    India 233 all out in 46.5 overs (Dhoni 65, Faulkner 3-59)

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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