NZ crush Pakistan to take ODI series

Williamson, Taylor score quick centuries as hosts pile up 369 before dismissing the tourists for 250.

    New Zealand had beaten Pakistan 3-2 in the UAE ODI series last year [Getty Images]
    New Zealand had beaten Pakistan 3-2 in the UAE ODI series last year [Getty Images]

    Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor both scored centuries as New Zealand completed their World Cup preparations with a crushing 119-run win over Pakistan in Napier.

    It was their eighth win in their last 10 completed matches.

    Brendon McCullum's side won the two-match series 2-0 after they had defeated Sri Lanka 4-2 at home and won their last two games to clinch a 3-2 series victory against Pakistan in the UAE in December.

    "We have to be happy where we are at," McCullum said in a televised interview. "We have been playing some perfect games of late and now the challenge is to maintain that and be consistent going into the World Cup.

    "This has been the ideal preparation for us so we have no excuses come the big event."

    Williamson led the hosts to an imposing 369 for five in their 50 overs, the second highest score on the batsman-friendly McLean Park, before they dismissed Pakistan for 250 with almost seven overs remaining. 

    "It was a really tough series," Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq said. "We tried our best but we need to improve in every area.

    "We just gave away 370 runs and we need to improve our bowling, especially at the death. If any batsman is set, then they need to continue till the end."


    New Zealand 369-5 in 50 overs (Williamson 112, Irfan 2-52)

    Pakistan 250 all out in 43.1 overs (Hafeez 86, N McCullum 2-33)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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