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Maxwell helps Australia win ODI tri-series

All-rounder hits 95 and takes four wickets as the hosts demolish England by 112 runs in the final.

    Maxwell hit 15 fours in his innings [Getty Images]
    Maxwell hit 15 fours in his innings [Getty Images]

    Glenn Maxwell scored 95 and took 4-46 to spur Australia to a 112-run win over England in the final of the ODI tri-series.

    Maxwell led Australia to 278-8 as it batted first after losing the toss, then had the opportunity of a hattrick as it bowled out England for 166 to boost its preparation for the World Cup.

    Mitchell Johnson also had the chance of a hattrick, dismissing Moeen Ali (26) and England captain Eoin Morgan off consecutive deliveries to finish with 3-27 in an explosive return to the Australia team.

    The one discordant note for Australia was an injury to all rounder James Faulkner.

    Faulkner scored an unbeaten 50 off just 24 balls, completing his half-century with a six from the last ball of the innings, and took 1-11 before being forced from the field with a side strain.


    Australia 278-8 in 50 overs (Maxwell 95, Broad 3-55)

    England 166 all out in 39.1 overs (Bopara 33, Maxwell 4-46)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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