Manchester United back in the top-three

United beat Burnley while City overpower Stoke; Chelsea score late winner against Everton

    Manchester United overtook Southampton after the 3-1 win [AP]
    Manchester United overtook Southampton after the 3-1 win [AP]

    Defender Chris Smalling scored twice after coming on as an early substitute to set Manchester United on its way to a 3-1 win over Burnley that lifted the team to third place in the Premier League.

    Sent on the fifth minute for the injured Phil Jones, Smalling scored seconds later with his first touch when he headed home following a corner.

    Relegation-threatened Burnley took the game to United, equalising through in-form striker Danny Ings but Smalling made the visitors pay for their misses in the third minute of injury time by heading in Angel Di Maria's corner and Robin van Persie added a late penalty.

    Elsewhere, Sergio Aguero scored in each half to guide Manchester City to a 4-1 win at Stoke as the reigning champions rediscovered their form after a five-match winless run in the Premier League.

    James Milner and Samir Nasri also found the net in City's first win at Britannia Stadium in seven attempts - and first win in the league since January 1.

    Chelsea midfielder Willian broke through Everton's resistance with a late goal to clinch a 1-0 over the 10-man visitors and preserve the team's seven-point lead.

    Willian's 89th-minute strike from outside the penalty area flew past returning goal-keeper Tim Howard. It came shortly after Everton midfielder Gareth Barry was sent off for fouling Willian and receiving a second yellow card.


    Chelsea 1-0 Everton
    Man Utd 3-1 Burnley
    Southampton 0-0 West Ham
    Stoke 1-4 Man City



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