Ivory Coast, Australia rise in Fifa rankings

Africa Cup of Nations and Asian Cup titles help both countries improve their global rankings.

    Ivory Coast and Australia both leapt up the Fifa rankings after winning the African Cup of Nations and Asian Cup respectively, while AFCON hosts Equatorial Guinea moved into the top-50 for the first time.

    Equatorial Guinea leapt 69 places and are joint 49th with Congo after surpassing expectations and reaching the semi-finals, albeit in controversial style.

    Ivory Coast moved up eight places to 20th although Algeria, the team they beat in the quarter-finals, remain Africa's best-placed team in 18th. Runners-up Ghana moved up 12 places to 25th.

    Australia climbed 37 places to 63rd, although the rankings still make embarrassing reading for Asia with Iran (41st) as the region's only representatives in the top 50. Next best are South Korea (54th) and Japan (55th).

    There was no change in the top five where Germany lead followed by Argentina, Colombia, Belgium and Netherlands.

    Rankings (top-10):

    1. Germany
    2. Argentina
    3. Colombia
    4. Belgium
    5. Netherlands
    6. Brazil
    7. Portugal
    8. France
    9. Uruguay
    10. Spain

    SOURCE: Reuters


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