It's a double for Rooney in Manchester United's win

Former English Premier League winners bounce back from Swansea defeat to beat 10-man Sunderland.

    United were missing Van Persie with an ankle problem [Getty Images]
    United were missing Van Persie with an ankle problem [Getty Images]

    Wayne Rooney ended his Premier League goal drought with a brace as Manchester United beat 10-man Sunderland 2-0 at Old Trafford.

    United's win was overshadowed when referee Roger East dismissed the wrong Black Cats player after awarding United a penalty.

    Radamel Falco was felled by John O'Shea but it was his teammate Wes Brown who was sent off. Rooney converted in the 66th to end his eight-game barren spell in front of goal, before adding a second from close range in the 85th.

    Elsewhere, Saido Berahino struck after only two minutes to steer improving West Bromwich Albion to a 1-0 win over Southampton and extend its unbeaten run to five games.

    The striker netted his 17th goal of the season when he latched on to the ball and fired a firm left-foot shot home from 15 metres.

    It wrecked Southampton's bid for a record fifth consecutive away win in the league and, after a bright start to the season, they have won only once in five league games and are slipping out of contention for a Champions League slot.


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