Bayern put eight goals past hapless Hamburg

Two goals from Robben, Muller and Goetze keep Bundesliga leaders eight points clear at the top

    Bayern had won this fixture 9-2 two seasons ago [EPA]
    Bayern had won this fixture 9-2 two seasons ago [EPA]

    Bayern Munich crushed hapless Hamburg SV 8-0 while Bas Dost scored four goals, including a stoppage-time winner, to give VfL Wolfsburg a 5-4 victory at Bayer Leverkusen on an unforgettable day in the Bundesliga.

    Bayern, who stayed eight points clear of second-placed Wolfsburg, became the first team to win by eight goals in the league since their 9-0 rout of Kickers Offenbach in 1984.

    Striker Dost became the first Dutchman to score four times in a Bundesliga game as Wolfsburg led 3-0 and 4-2 before Leverkusen, for whom Son Heung-min bagged a hat-trick, pegged them back to 4-4.

    Thomas Mueller, Arjen Robben and Mario Goetze each scored twice for Bayern to sink sorry Hamburg who were beaten 9-2 in the same fixture two seasons ago.

    The drama continued elsewhere as Granit Xhaka's last-gasp goal gave Borussia Moenchengladbach a 1-0 win over local rivals Cologne and Sebastian Rudy scored in stoppage time as Hoffenheim triumphed 2-1 against VfB Stuttgart who are now bottom.

    Werder Bremen continued their revival with a 3-2 victory over Augsburg.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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