Atsu's double takes Ghana into African Cup semis

Ghana reach the last-four of the Africa Cup of Nations for the fifth successive time after a 3-0 win over Guinea.

    Atsu put Ghana ahead in the fourth minute [AP]
    Atsu put Ghana ahead in the fourth minute [AP]

    Christian Atsu scored two goals and Kwesi Appiah added another to help Ghana advance to the African Cup quarter-finals for the fifth straight time with a 3-0 victory over Guinea.

    Atsu, who plays in England for Everton, put the Black Stars ahead in the fourth minute by scoring after a backheel pass from Andre Ayew. He added another in the 61st, whipping in a shot from the right side.

    Appiah scored the second goal of the match in the 44th, controling a horrible defensive mistake from Baissama Sankoh and beating Guinea goal-keeper Naby Yattara.

    Yattara was given a red card in injury time for a foul on Asamoah Gyan. Abdoulaye Cisse then played in goal for the final seconds.

    Ghana will next face host Equatorial Guinea in the semi-finals on Thursday in Malabo.




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