Arsenal beaten, Man City held in the Premier League

Kane's double seals Tottenham's win over Arsenal; Man City score late equaliser against Hull.

    Kane scored the equaliser for Tottenham [Getty Images]
    Kane scored the equaliser for Tottenham [Getty Images]

    James Milner scored in the 90th minute as Manchester City grabbed a disappointing point to draw with Hull 1-1 and fall further behind Premier League leader Chelsea.

    David Meyler had put the visitors ahead in the 35th at the Etihad Stadium with a left-foot shot from the centre of the area.

    Defending champion City now trails Chelsea by seven points with 14 matches left after the Blues beat Aston Villa 2-1.

    Earlier, Harry Kane scored twice to lead Tottenham to a 2-1 comeback victory over fierce rival Arsenal in the north London derby at White Hart Lane.

    Mesut Ozil put Arsenal ahead in the 11th minute when he volleyed past Hugo Lloris after Olivier Giroud quickly sent the ball into his path from a Danny Welbeck cutback.

    Kane leveled in the 56th and the striker won the game four minutes before the end, heading powerfully beyond Ospina from Nabil Bentaleb's deep cross.

    The win in Saturday's early Premier League game moves Tottenham above Arsenal and into fourth in the table.


    Tottenham 2 - 1 Arsenal

    Aston Villa 1 - 2 Chelsea

    Leicester 0 - 1 Crystal Palace

    Man City 1 - 1 Hull

    QPR 0 - 1 Southampton

    Swansea 1 - 1 Sunderland

    SOURCE: Agencies


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