Grace holds nerves to win Qatar Masters

South African fires a a bogey-free, six-under-par 66 in final round; defending champion Garcia finishes 15 shots behind.

    This is Grace's sixth career title [Getty Images]
    This is Grace's sixth career title [Getty Images]

    South African Branden Grace became the first player to win multiple events in the 2015 Race to Dubai after he held his nerve to win the Qatar Masters in Doha.

    Grace fired a bogey-free, six-under-par 66 to finish the tournament on 19-under, one shot clear of Scotland's Marc Warren (67) and two ahead of Austrian Bernd Wiesberger (68).

    Tied at 18-under-par as they approached the 18th tee, Grace held his nerve with a birdie while Warren could only salvage par after his wayward tee-shot failed to find the fairway.

    "It was a great day, a great week, and it's another trophy to put in the cupboard," Grace told the "The form has been there, I played great and I managed to get in on top."

    World number two Henrik Stenson finished on 10-under-par while defending champion Sergio Garcia was well off the pace a further six shots adrift on four-under.

    The Race to Dubai is the European Tour's season-long competition spanning 47 tournaments and was won by Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy in 2014.

    Final standings (top-5):

    269 - Branden Grace (South Africa)
    270 - Marc Warren (Britain) 
    271 - Bernd Wiesberger (Austria) 
    272 - Eddie Pepperell (Britain) 
    273 - An Byeong-Hun (South Korea) 
            Emiliano Grillo (Argentina) 
            Gregory Bourdy (France)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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