Erratic Woods struggles on Tour return

Golf's former world number one shoots a 73 on the opening day of the Phoenix Open, his first Tour event in five months.

    Woods finished eight shots off the pace [Arizona Republic-Usa Today Sport]
    Woods finished eight shots off the pace [Arizona Republic-Usa Today Sport]

    While Tiger Woods struggled in his first PGA Tour start of the season, Ryan Palmer birdied two of his last three holes to seize a one-shot lead at the weather-hit Waste Management Phoenix Open.

    Palmer, bidding for his fourth career victory on the US circuit, covered his last seven holes in five under par to card a seven-under 64 in the opening round at the TPC Scottsdale before play was suspended for the day in fading light.

    Nine players were yet to complete the round when the siren sounded to halt the action with PGA Tour rookie Daniel Berger the best placed at six under after 16 holes.

    Keegan Bradley and Masters champion Bubba Watson opened with 65s but 14-times major winner Woods looked very rusty in his first PGA Tour event in five months as he started out with an erratic 73 on a mainly overcast day in the Arizona desert.

    Watched by massive galleries more reminiscent of a major championship than a regular tour event, Woods mixed four bogeys with a double, an eagle and two birdies to end the day well off the pace and under pressure to make the cut.

    "Mentally I'm a little bit tired from the grind of trying to piece together a round when I was five-over-par (after 11 holes)," the former world number one, who has been working on a swing change with new consultant Chris Como, told reporters.

    "I fought back to give myself a decent look going into the weekend. I'm proud of that, because that takes a lot of mental energy."

    SOURCE: Reuters


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