Al Jazeera Magazine: Where we live?

We explore our relationships with the places we call home

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What determines where you live? And how does your environment shape your life, health, hopes and prospects?

The Al Jazeera Magazine explores our relationships with the places we call home – from the lagoons of Lagos to the tropical forests of Thailand, from the red light districts of Kolkata to the townships of Johannesburg and from the broken modernist monuments of Phnom Penh to the squat settlements of Florence.


Featured in the first part of this issue are:

Diepsloot: A home like any other: The South African township may have a reputation for crime and violence but, as its stereotype-challenging residents reveal, it is also a hub of hope and innovation.

A broken utopian dream: An ambitious example of the New Khmer Architecture, Cambodia’s White Building survived a civil war, US bombs and even the Khmer Rouge. But can it now survive an even bigger threat: the developers? Meet its impoverished residents as they prepare to fight for their homes.

Governing Makoko: The chief of this overwater community in the heart of Lagos reveals why efforts to present it as a typical developing world slum may be misrepresenting this economically productive melting pot.

Nomads no more: What happens when a traditionally nomadic community decides to put down roots? The Gypsy community of Verkhnyaya Elshanka in Russia shares their story.

Living in the shadows: Go inside the red light districts of Kolkata with the women, men and children who live and work there.

The second part of the Where I Live issue of the magazine – with stories from the West Bank, Haiti and Venezuela – will be available to download from September 18.

The magazine was honoured at the 2013 Webby Awards where it received the People’s Voice Award in the Best News Tablet category.

Source: Al Jazeera