Palestinian’s killing caught on camera

Civilian appears to be targeted by Israeli sniper during humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza as rescuers approach him.

The video was published by the International Solidarity Movement of Palestine [via YouTube]

A video has been released on YouTube that claims to show an Israeli sniper shooting a wounded Palestinian civilian in Gaza, reportedly during a humanitarian ceasefire.

The International Solidarity Movement of Palestine organisation published the video on Monday.

Al Jazeera is unable to verify its authenticity.

The video shows a group of international and Palestinian volunteers accompanying Gaza municipal workers as they searched for survivors during a short-lived humanitarian ceasefire on Sunday.

Al Jazeera warns it contains graphic images.

Workers wearing what appear to be municipal uniforms can be seen in the background.

The group is shown moving towards a young Palestinian man in a green T-shirt, who is lying in rubble and appears to have been injured in the hand.

When the man moves to get up, he is shot by a sniper as the group approaches.

The man was reportedly searching for family members in rubble after an Israeli shelling.

Aid workers were unable to retrieve his body.

Source: Al Jazeera