Paraguay floods continue

Thousands continue to struggle with aftermath of heavy rains and overflowing rivers.

Thousands continue their struggle with the aftermath of heavy rains and overflowing rivers across Paraguay [AFP]

Torrential rains have forced the evacuation of more than 75,000 people across Paraguay. There has been widespread flooding which has disrupted the lives of those located in low-lying areas near the Paraguay River.

The Paraguay weather service said the heavy rains started in February with 221mm falling on the capital of Asuncion in just one day. The rainy season runs until the end of May, but the bad weather has continued into June.

Thousands of families continued their struggle on Thursday with the aftermath of heavy rains and overflowing rivers in Paraguay. On the outskirts of the capital, the Paraguay River rose a further 203mm, its highest level in 14 years, forcing the residents out of their homes.

In the rural, Virgen del Lujan neighbourhood, South of the Capital, residents, many living in shanty towns, struggled to carry their belongings knee-deep through the floodwaters.

Paraguay’s National Emergency Secretariat has been working to deliver supplies to those worst affected. However local media reports suggest reaction from authorities has been too slow.

The government on Thursday announced an emergency plan that will use the country’s armed forces to unblock flooded roads. Unfortunately, further heavy rain is expected across central and eastern Paraguay oer the next few days.

Source: Al Jazeera