Torrential rains cause Italy flooding

One person is killed and another is still missing after torrential rain pours across the country.

In the port town of Senigallia, streets were submerged and cars were seen floating in filthy water [EPA]

At least one person has been killed and another is missing after flooding hit the Le Marche province in central Italy.

The port town of Senigallia, on the Adriatic coast, was the worst hit when the River Cesano burst its banks.

Streets were submerged and cars were seen floating in the filthy water.

The man who has been confirmed dead is believed to have been suffering from a heart condition, but the ambulance was unable to reach him due to the flooded roads.

More rain is expected in the region over the next few days, but the heaviest rain is expected to move southwards, across the southern parts of Le Marche and the Abruzzo province.

Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia and Hungary are also expecting torrential rain over the next few days, which could bring the risk of flooding.

Source: Al Jazeera