Youth killed in Bahrain clashes

At least one person dies in fighting during a ceremony to mark the death of a Shia killed in an explosion last week.

Bahrain remains deeply divided three years after its Arab Spring-inspired uprising [Reuters]

A youth in Bahrain has died in clashes with police at a Shia village near the capital Manama, according to the country’s main Shia opposition bloc, al-Wefaq.

Witnesses said the fighting broke out on Wednesday afternoon during a ceremony to mark the death of Ali Faisal al-Akrawi, a Shia killed in an explosion on May 16.

“Mahmud Mohsen succumbed to his wounds after being hit by buckshot on Wednesday in Sitra,” al-Wefaq said on Twitter.

Police were notified that a dead person was admitted to a clinic in Sitra, the interior ministry said, adding that an investigation was under way.

Bahrain is still a deeply divided country three years after security forces crushed an uprising, with persistent protests sparking clashes with police.

Attacks on the security forces have intensified in the Sunni Muslim-ruled kingdom, mainly in Shia-populated villages surrounding the capital.

Scores of Shias have been jailed on “terror” charges and reconciliation talks have stalled.

Clashes also broke out between anti-government protesters and riot police during al-Akrawi’s funeral on May 18.

Source: AFP