Palestine vote: ‘No one cares about us’

Six Palestinians spoke to Al Jazeera about the potential impact that the statehood draft may have on them.

Ramallah – On Wednesday, the Palestinian Authority (PA) said that it would submit a draft resolution to the United Nations Security Council calling for the end of the 47-year-old Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, and full recognition of an independent Palestinian state.  

The draft is based on a French proposal that was debuted earlier this month, albeit with Palestinian modifications, such as the removal of the section recognising Israel as a Jewish state. The plan calls for Israeli soldiers to be withdrawn from the occupied West Bank within two years, and for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations to continue towards achieving a two-state solution: Israel and an independent Palestine peacefully existing side by side.

The move came in spite of warnings from US officials that they would veto the resolution.

As the PA moves to submit the draft resolution, Al Jazeera took to the streets to ask the Palestinian people how they feel about the possibility of the UN fully recognising their state and in what ways it could alter their daily lives.  

Hana Qayssee, 23, fundraising officer

Hana Qayssee [Al Jazeera]

Seriously, we have had enough of Israeli practices. I think it is time for taking actions. If the resolution passes, it would change many things regarding the Palestinian and Israeli conflict.

This why Israel keeps delaying. In fact, we need a more practical solution and Palestinians should make that move and not the international community.



John Saadeh, 29, cafe owner

John Saadeh [Al Jazeera]

If we get [UN recognition], then it gives us access to international courts, like the International Criminal Court.

Then, at least, there would be some way of holding Israel liable for what it does here. Right now, there’s nowhere we can go to hold them accountable.If we get [UN recognition], then it gives us access to international courts, like the International Criminal Court.

The Israelis can come in and do whatever they want. We need a way of holding them accountable for their actions.  


Abu Aissa, 57, taxi driver

Abu Aissa [Al Jazeera]

The UN? ‘Inshallah’ we get the recognition of the UN. But really, no one cares about us.

They have never done it before, why would they do it now? I love the [US], I worked with people from Pennsylvania for years and they loved Palestine. But I don’t think their government hears them.  

Sana Atta, 45, pharmacist

Sana Atta [Al Jazeera]

I think it will have a negative effect on many people here. For example, the refugees. If they recognise us as two states, then the refugees will lose their right to go back to their homes.

Also, the Israelis will probably heavily react. We people here in the West Bank and the people in the Gaza Strip will feel it.

I’m not so sure that it would be a good thing. I also don’t think the Israelis would honour [the resolution].


Ray Sbitany, 75, retired

Ray Sbitany [Al Jazeera]

I hope it happens. The [Palestinian Authority] is a victim in front of Israel. They are making the right decision. Even America is a victim in front of Israel, they have to give them everything they want. This cannot continue.

Hopefully the [Palestinian Authority] and the Americans will rid us of the occupation and we can live as free people.


Ehab al-Shafei, 23, unemployed

Ehab al-Shafei [Al Jazeera]

The PA’s attempts to get the UN to recognise Palestine as a state are absolutely worthless. That is, Israel will face zero consequences. Nothing will really change on the ground.

They just try to contain the situation by using such stale myths that things can be politically resolved. 

Source: Al Jazeera

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