Stormy weather breaks the heat in Australia

The bushfire threat lowers over New South Wales as temperatures fall across eastern Australia.

Storms have developed across southeastern Australia with hail and thunder. [Getty Images]

Hot winds from Australia’s interior sent temperatures soaring into the mid-40s during the weekend. This inevitably raised the threat of bushfires in the eastern side of the country, but it has now become cooler with storms developing across New South Wales.

During the weekend, firefighters were kept busy dealing with more than 50 wild fires across New South Wales, including two large grass fires which were out of control for some time.

A Rural Fire Service spokesman explained that grass fires can be just as dangerous as bushfires because they can move three times as quickly.
There was a total fire ban in parts of the state up until Monday as temperatures soared as high as 45 Celsius over the central west slopes and plains.

On Monday, thunderstorms developed across Victoria bringing the threat of severe weather across the state as moist onshore winds feed across the eastern side of the state. These storms are now moving north into New South Wales.

By mid-afternoon, Penrith which is located around 50km to the west of the Sydney central business district received 16mm of rain. Further showers are likely here for much of this week.

It is expected to turn drier on Friday, but ahead of that there will be welcome rain and temperatures will be well down on those seen last weekend. Sydney can expect highs around the low to mid 20s over the next few days.

Source: Al Jazeera