Life sentence for Mumbai gang-rape convicts

Four men sentenced to life for raping woman at abandoned compound, the spot where they also raped a photojournalist.

    The federal government has passed stricter laws against sex crimes after mass protests  [AFP]
    The federal government has passed stricter laws against sex crimes after mass protests [AFP]

    An Indian court has sentenced four men to life in jail for gang-raping a woman in Mumbai last year.

    The men had been convicted by the same court a day earlier for gang-raping two women in the abandoned Shakti Mills compound in two separate incidents.

    Friday's life sentences were over the rape of a telephone operator. The court will pronounce the punishment over the gang-rape of a woman photojournalist at the same place next week.

    The sexual assault on the photojournalist in August while she was on an assignment triggered outrage across the nation.

    A few days later, the telephone operator lodged a complaint with the police, saying she too had been raped by the men in July.

    A recent string of sex crimes have sent shockwaves across the country, forcing the federal government to bring about stricter laws.

    A month ago, a woman in the eastern state of West Bengal was gang-raped as punishment on the orders of a village court after she was found with her boyfriend.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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