India's Congress unveils poll manifesto

Party promises homes and healthcare for all ahead of upcoming general elections beginning on April 7.

    India's Congress unveils poll manifesto
    Sonia Gandhi, the Congress president, is also the chairperson of the ruling UPA coalition [EPA]

    India's ruling Congress party has unveiled its election manifesto, promising a slew of pro-poor measures, including homes and health care for all.

    At a function in New Delhi on Wednesday, the party's top leadership also discounted opinion polls that painted a gloomy prospect for the party, and insisted the Congress would win the general elections beginning on April 7.

    India goes to the polls in nine phases over the months of April and May. Election results will be declared on May 16.

    "We will fight for an India where there is no discrimination, which is secular," party president Sonia Gandhi said.

    The party also pledged to invest $1 trillion over the next five years on improving the country's infrastructure.

    Congress heads the ruling United People's Alliance (UPA) coalition, but most opinion polls say the party is trailing the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party in the run up the elections.

    The UPA has ruled India since 2004, but has been severely tainted by a series of corruption scandals involving ministers and influential figures.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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