In-flight dance puts India airline in trouble

Civil aviation authorities seek explanation after SpiceJet crew danced on board to celebrate Holi festival.

    SpiceJet has defended the actions of the crew, saying flight safety was never compromised [EPA]
    SpiceJet has defended the actions of the crew, saying flight safety was never compromised [EPA]

    Civil aviation authorities in India have sought an explanation from low-cost carrier SpiceJet after cabin crew on board eight flights broke out into celebratory dance to mark Holi on Sunday.

    The Director General of Civil Aviation has also suspended two pilots, the Financial Express newspaper reported on Thursday.

    Official sources told the newspaper that the song-and-dance routine aboard the flights violated all safety norms.

    Videos taken by passengers and uploaded on YouTube showed cabin crew dancing to a Hindi song. The jig lasted two-and-a-half minutes.

    A SpiceJet spokesperson defended the in-flight celebrations and said the "dance was professionally choreographed and was a Holi delight for passengers".

    The spokesperson, however, insisted flight safety was never compromised.

    Holi is a popular festival in India celebrated to mark the advent of spring. People playfully smear and spray colours on others on the occasion.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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