Dozens hurt in Hong Kong train accident

Four people seriously injured and many more suffer sprains and cuts after multiple cars derail on light railway.

Hong Kong train derailment
The accident occurred on Friday in the New Territories region north of the city's business district [AP]

Sixty-two people have been injured after multiple cars derailed on Hong Kong’s light railway in the north of the city, throwing passengers onto the floor, police say.

The accident occurred on Friday in the New Territories region north of the city’s business district.

“There was a derailment on the light rail,” a police spokeswoman told AFP news agency.

The fire department said that four people had been seriously injured while most others suffered sprains and cuts from the collision.

Al Jazeera has also learned that at least one of the injured was in coma when taken to the hospital. 

Rob McBride, an Al Jazeera correspondent, said that at the time of the accident, the railway system was busy because of the national holiday.

“It was driving too fast,” a female passenger told Cable TV News, adding that the train lost control when it was making a turn.

“It was very chaotic inside the train, there was some blood.”

The Hong Kong Light Rail Network links 68 stops along 36km of track in the New Territories.

Source: Al Jazeera, News Agencies