AJE magazine: The Changing Face of India

The sixth edition presents a range of stories highlighting the challenges faced by the world’s most populous democracy.

Al Jazeera English Magazine: The Changing Face of India

In the latest issue of the Al Jazeera English digital magazine, we analyse the problems that India faces on its journey to become one of the fastest-growing and diverse major economies of the world.

Although the country’s growing middle class is benefitting from the economic boom, which has mainly been due to the growing information technology sector, the majority of its rural population remains impoverished.

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And it still has some way to go to to confront challenges like overpopulation, lack of infrastructure, corruption and one that came to the fore more recently – the treatment of women – after the gang rape of a 23-year-old college student in the country’s capital New Delhi.

The issue features:

  • The Changing Face of India – Indians tell us what they would change about their country if they could.
  • Daughters of the Brothel – The story of a woman born into one of India’s most infamous brothels who is now working to help other women escape prostitution and to reunite trafficked girls with their families.
  • Deifying goddesses, hunting the witches – In a country where goddesses are worshipped across swathes of the Hindu society, Indians seem to have a problem dealing with real women and real issues.
  • India’s LGBT community: The battle ahead – Laws targeting sexual minorities are being struck down in India, but stigmatisation and discrimination remains.
  • In the shadow of India’s borders –  Sixty-six years ago, when the decision to split India was made amid violent clashes in the country, little could have prepared the designers of the partition for the horror that would befall the country’s women.

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Source: Al Jazeera