German town revokes Hitler’s citizenship

Outcry prompts Dietramszell to adopt resolution to nullify honorary citizenship bestowed to Adolf Hitler in 1933.

Honorary citizenship given to German President Paul von Hindenburg, left, also nullified by the town [AP]

A Bavarian town council has voted unanimously to strip Adolf Hitler of honorary citizenship bestowed 80-years ago, after an outcry prompted by their decision last week not to adopt a resolution denouncing the 1933 decision.

The issue arose after an archivist discovered documents showing both Hitler and the president who appointed him, Paul von Hindenburg, had been given honorary citizenship of Dietramszell.

The council was deadlocked in an 8-8 vote last week on the resolution, with councillors who voted against denouncing it saying it was not up to them to rewrite history.

But town administrator Thomas Gerg said on Wednesday the full council voted 21-0 on Tuesday to adopt the resolution and nullify the honour bestowed on both men after hearing impassioned testimony from a woman who lost family members in the Holocaust.

Source: AP