Al Jazeera Magazine: The Health Issue

From container clinics in Kenya to mental hospitals in Libya, the November issue takes a global look at health.

A ground up push for affordable, quality healthcare is gaining momentum across much of the world.

But while the trials and tribulations of Obamacare and the UK’s National Health Service have dominated much of the media debate, the November issue of the Al Jazeera digital magazine takes a more global look at universal healthcare.

From the container clinics serving the nomadic pastoralists of northern Kenya and the makeshift operating theatres functioning without electricity or running water in South Sudan to the besieged mental healthcare facilities of Libya and the overburdened nutritional recuperation centres struggling to bring Guatemalan children back from the brink of starvation, we follow health workers and track the fight to eliminate endemic diseases.

The Health Issue also examines the lengths people will go to, from the desperately ill seeking an organ to the desperately poor who provide them, from the fishmongers risking their lives for a catch to the radiation refugees of Fukushima. And we meet the people behind the treatment, from the sangomas of South Africa to the paediatricians of Palestine.


Featured in this issue are:

  • Organ Trafficking: A protected crime? – Illegal, clandestine kidney transplants depend on criminal networks of human traffickers preying on the bodies of both the desperately sick and the desperately poor.
  • Sex for Fish – In the fishing communities on the shores of Kenya’s Lake Victoria, an increasingly dangerous exchange is taking place between the men who deliver the catch and the women who sell it.
  • Minds of War – One photographer followed the fate of patients and staff at a mental hospital in Libya during and after the country’s civil war.
  • An African Calling – Traditional healers and their medicine are part of the cultural landscape of South Africa, but will a new generation of sangomas modernise this lucrative business?
  • Dying of hunger – In the remote indigenous villages of Guatemala’s Dry Corridor, growing numbers of malnourished children are dying as centuries of inequality combine with climate change-induced drought to deprive them of food.
  • Hospitals in the desert – Health workers are using shipping containers to bring medical services to nomadic pastoralists in northern Kenya.

The magazine was recently honoured at the 2013 Webby Awards where it received the People’s Voice Award in the Best News Tablet category.

In past years, Al Jazeera English has been named “News Channel of the Year” by the Royal Television Society, received a Peabody award for its coverage of the Arab uprisings, and a Columbia-DuPont award for its coverage of the Haiti earthquake.

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Source: Al Jazeera