Mexico hammered by yet another hurricane

Hurricane Raymond brings further flooding and mudslides to southwestern parts of Mexico

Many streets were flooded in Acapulco, Guerrero state, Mexico as Raymond passes close to the Pacific coast [AFP]
Many streets were flooded in Acapulco, Guerrero state, Mexico as Raymond passes close to the Pacific coast [AFP]

This year’s Atlantic hurricane season has been the quietest in over 30 years, but it is one that the people of Mexico will remember for a very long time. Last month the country was hit by two storms in the space of a week and torrential downpours left a large part of the country under water.

In all fairness Mexico is open to attack from hurricanes from the Pacific as well as the Atlantic and has been the case on this occasion. Just a month after Hurricane Manuel caused flooding across the southwest of the country; Hurricane Raymond has given a glancing blow to the similar part of the country.

The storm had sat offshore to the west of Acapulco for a few days, barely moving and pumping rain into a region that was already saturated from recent storms. By Wednesday morning the storm was 240km to the west with sustained winds of 120kph, barely making it a Category 1 hurricane, down from a Category 3 on Monday.

The system now drifting out towards the open waters of the eastern Pacific and it is expected to be downgraded further to a tropical storm by Wednesday afternoon.

Acapulco has had 150mm of rain since Sunday. The October average is 128mm.

Stung by the poor reaction to the death and destruction caused by Manuel in September, authorities took no chances this time round, moving hundreds of people from isolated mountain communities and low-lying sea areas.

More than 1,500 troops were sent in to help with the evacuations. A number of streets in Central Acapulco were partially flooded on Tuesday and city workers reinforced roads with sand bags.

There were also reports of some minor mudslides, but thankfully there has been no major damage recorded to date. The worst of the weather does appear to be over with a scattering of showers possible over the next few days, but most places will have long sunny spells in between.

Source: Al Jazeera

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