Typhoon Nari slams into Vietnam

Asia’s active storm season continues unabated.

Typhoon Nari ripped through central parts of Vietnam, bringing winds of 135kph to Da Nang [Reuters]

Typhoon Nari slammed into Vietnam early on Tuesday causing flooding and landslides.

122,000 people had been evacuated ahead of the storm, which had already caused 13 deaths in the Philippines when it crossed Luzon at the weekend.

The storm ripped through central parts of Vietnam, badly damaging the city of Da Nang. Trees were uprooted and homes damaged as the storm raged.

Local resident Nguyen Thi Lan said the city now resembled ‘a battlefield’.

Typhoon Nari brought winds of up to 135kph and 221mm of rain to the city. The UNESCO heritage city of Hue was also inundated with 164mm of rain.

The storm crept inland painfully slowly, meaning that the severe weather was felt for a prolonged period.

The national flag carrier, Vietnam Airlines, said it had cancelled a total of 22 flights to and from Hue and Da Nang city on Monday and Tuesday morning, leaving many tourists stranded.

The storm also had impacts further afield. In the north of the country, cruises to the popular tourist destination of Ha Long Bay were also cancelled.

Once over land, the storm began to disintegrate. Laos, Cambodia and Thailand have all reported severe weather in the past 24 hours.

Heavy rain is expected to continue across the region over the next few days.