Turncoat officer reveals Taliban link

Al Jazeera exclusive with ex-Afghan soldier who shot US soldier in May and then joined the Taliban.

In an exclusive interview, a 20-year-old former Afghan soldier who turned on his US counterparts – and later joined the Taliban – speaks to Al Jazeera.

Mahmood says Taliban elders advised him to join the army. After twenty days basic training he was deployed to Kunar province. There he waited for his chance.

“When I shot the Americans they were looking down at a map,” he said. “When I escaped I brought my uniform, my ammunition and this M16.”

A few hours after this video was filmed by Al Jazeera, an ISAF airstrike hit the same location, killing more than 10 Taliban fighters.

It is assumed Mahmood died in the attack, as Bernard Smith reports from Kabul.

Source: Al Jazeera