Al-Qaeda-linked groups overrun northern Mali

With area disconnected from central rule, Tuareg rebels have been expelled from their self-declared homeland.

Mali’s foreign minister says the government will do all it can to recapture the land it lost after a March coup overthrew the government.

After a swathe of territory in the north was captured by Tuareg separatists, al-Qaeda-linked groups managed to expel the rebels from their self-declared Azawad, suspending Tuareg plans for statehood – and instead imposing strict Islamic law.

With large parts of the country left unstable and disconnected from central rule, Tuareg rebels are now are trying to regroup without the resources, or funds, enjoyed by their rivals Ansar Dine and MUJAO.

May Welsh has this exclusive report from Gao in northern Mali.

Source: Al Jazeera