Israel’s Kadima party quits government

Party quits Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition in a dispute over drafting ultra-Orthodox Jews into the military.

Israel’s Kadima party has quit the country’s coalition government amid a dispute over drafting ultra-Orthodox Jews into the military, local media reported. 

“The decision was eventually reached with an unequivocal majority,” Kadima MP Yoel Hasson told Israel Radio on Tuesday. “We have finally left this government,” he said.

Earlier on Tuesday, Shaul Mofaz, Kadima party leader, convened an emergency meeting of his party and recommended it quit Israel’s government.  

Kadima joined Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud party in government only two months ago, with the declared aim of ending blanket conscription exemptions for seminary students.

Kadima’s move would not immediately threaten his government as the prime minister still has majority support in parliament.

Source: News Agencies