Where do the Venezuelan candidates stand?

A look at where Venezuela’s presidential candidates stand on security, economics, energy and other issues.

Venezuela will hold one of the country’s most critical elections in the country’s history on October 7.

Venezuelans will chose between Hugo Chavez, a man who has ruled the country for more than a decade, and Henrique Capriles, who says he represents the younger generation.

Five other candidates from different parties are also in the mix, but the race has closed to the two main contenders: Chavez and Capriles.

Below is a summary of their views, political positions, and compromises.



Hugo Chavez


Henrique Capriles



The main goal for Hugo Chavez’s government is the construction of Venezuelan Socialism.

 Capriles aims to improve the administration of banks, while creating economic growth with social inclusion.

Role of the State

Believes in a social and democratic state.

The candidate wants less state control over the economy, saying the government should orient, promote and regulate rather than control.

Foreign Policy

He wants to convert Venezuela into a social, economic, and political powerhouse in Latin America.

He wants to stop sending subsidised oil to allies, while maintaining good relations in the hemisphere and beyond.


As a former soldier, he aims to increase Venezuela’s military power.

Wants the army to be used as a tool of national development.

Education Education should be orientated to social goals.

“Education for your progress,” is one of Capriles main campaign slogans.

Oil and Gas

 Increase oil production, defend national sovereignty over natural resources, and maintain energy trade deals.

He promises to increase oil production, ensuring benefits go to Venezuelans first, while using petroleum income as a starting point for economic diversification.  

Drug Trade

Chavez has said his desire to fight drug trafficking is “unshakable”.

Promises to weaken the drug trade.


Chavez wants better support for small and medium-sized businesses.

Promises to create new employment through economic growth.

Bolivarian Missions

Chavez aims to develop new anti-poverty missions

Promised to continue Chavez’s anti-poverty initiatives


Hugo Chavez has new plans to fight crime through a targeted approach.

Vows to put an end to “the culture of illegality and crime tolerance

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Source: Al Jazeera

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