Tornadoes touch down in France

A succession of weather systems brings stormy weather across much of Europe.

There is no question about it, it is now Autumn across Europe.

The weather has turned wet and windy, as one weather system after another sweeps across the continent.

Over the past few days, the downpours have been particularly heavy, bringing flooding to some parts of Italy. Naples and Venice were both submerged, including the iconic St Mark’s Square.

In the Croatian town of Split, 72mm of rain was reported in just 24 hours, which is nearly the average expected in the entire month.

In France, the torrential rain was exacerbated by two tornadoes. One tornado was spotted in the Vendee, in the northwest, the other was in the south, in Marseille. Both twisters threw tree branches, roofs and other debris through the air.

25 people were injured and over 100 houses damaged. The weather is expected to stay very unsettled across Europe over the next few days, bringing the risk of yet more severe weather.

Source: Al Jazeera

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