Kony screening provokes anger in Uganda

Ugandans, who suffered at hands of Lord’s Resistance Army, react in anger at Kony video causing internet waves.

Joseph Kony is a household name, thanks to a 30-minute YouTube video raising awareness about his brutal rebel group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

Tens of millions have seen the video after US charity, Invisible Children, released the clip online last week.

On Tuesday, a charity organisation showed the film to the people who suffered at the hands of the LRA – Ugandans in the north of the country.

Al Jazeera’s Malcolm Webb reports from the town of Lira after the screening.

Source: Al Jazeera


Al Jazeera’s Malcolm Webb attends a public screening in the northern town of Lira, where locals are given the opportunity to watch the viral YouTube video for the first time.

14 Mar 2012

The Kony Debate

Analysing the political discussion surrounding a viral campaign targeting the Ugandan rebel chief.

13 Mar 2012
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