Japan activists urge nuclear-free future

Fukushima activists use 66th anniversary of Hiroshima bomb to push for end to nuclear power.

Japan campaigners urge nuclear-free future

Anti-nuclear campaigners in Japan are using the 66th anniversary of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima to push the government to abandon nuclear power.

The United States dropped an atomic bomb on the city in August, 1945, near the end of the Second World War.

By the end of the year, about 140,000 deaths in Hiroshima were attributed to the bomb, including people killed in the explosion and later due to radiation and injuries.

The anniversary of the bombing comes as Japan struggles to contain nuclear fallout from reactors in Fukushima which were crippled during the March earthquake and tsunami.

Al Jazeera’s Aela Callan reports from Hiroshima.

Source: Al Jazeera