Tamil anger at army’s influence in Sri Lanka

Minority Tamils say military retains too strong a hold over their daily lives.

sri lanka reconciliation soldier Tamil

Two years after the end of Sri Lanka’s civil war, many minority Tamils in the north say the military retains too strong a hold over their daily lives.

Al Jazeera was granted special permission by the government to travel and see how the path to peace is progressing.

Steve Chao reports from Jaffna, the capital of Northern Province.

Source: Al Jazeera


the stream

Sri Lanka’s forgotten Tamils

The civil war came to an end in 2009, but many say the problems facing the country’s Tamil minority are going unnoticed.

Published On 14 Jul 2011
ballot box carried in sri lanka police officer

One person dead and others allegedly beaten ahead of polls in many areas, including Tamil regions hit by civil war.

Published On 23 Jul 2011
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