Deadly blasts rock Mumbai

At least 19 dead and scores injured after three explosions in two parts of India’s financial capital.

Three blasts hit Mumbai killing at least 17 people and injuring many more [Reuters]

At least 19 people have been killed and scores wounded after three blasts struck India’s financial capital of Mumbai, police have said.

All the blasts occurred in heavily congested areas, two in the south of the city and one in the centre.

In the south, the opera house area and the Zaveri Bazaar were targeted, while the third blast hit Dadar, in the centre of the city.

“It was just like mayhem everywhere” an eye-witness told local news television NDTV.

NDTV also reported that six people were killed in the Dadar blast and ten to 15 killed in total betwen the three attacks.

AP reported on Saturday that 19 people had died in the triple bombings.

“Fifty-four people have been admitted to hospitals with injuries,” India’s home secretary said in a statement.

Based on the apparent co-ordinated nature of the blasts, he said, “We infer that this was a coordinated attack by terrorists.”

He also said that investigation teams from around the country were on their way to Mumbai, less than two hours after the attack.

Prerna Suri, Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Kerala, said casualty numbers are expected to rise.

Jasraj Jain, a witness to one of the blasts spoke to a local CNN station, saying: “We were inside our office when we heard a huge noise.

“Outside there was a lot of commotion, we can see fire trucks are here and they have taken away two or three bodies.”

A guest appearing by phone on NDTV, said: “We’re hearing from our sources that the government suspect the Indian mujahideen to be behind this.”

The guest said that two members of the Indian mujahideen were arrested in Mumbai state on Tuesday.

Source: Al Jazeera, News Agencies

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