Rape used ‘as a weapon’ in Libya

Doctors in city of Ajdabiya say pro-Gaddafi forces have used rape as a “weapon of war”.

As Libya’s opposition fighters push west, doctors are uncovering more victims from the front line.

Several doctors say they have found Viagra tablets and condoms in the pockets of dead pro-Gaddafi fighters, alleging that they were using rape as a weapon of war.

They say they have been treating female rape survivors who were allied with pro-democracy forces.

Furthermore, 175 people, including doctors, have been reported missing from Ajdabiya, and many have now been found to have been killed.

Al Jazeera’s Sue Turton reports from Ajdabiya.

Source: Al Jazeera


<p>Just when we thought the revolution sweeping through Tunisia and Egypt has spared us the false choice between oppressive autocrats and imperial cynics, a defiant Gaddafi presented us with an ultimatum: "My rule or rivers of blood."</p>

27 Mar 2011

Government minders assault woman as she alleges to journalists that she has been raped by Gaddafi troops.

26 Mar 2011
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