November snow: lots for some, none for others

As the northern hemisphere heads towards winter, some are still waiting for snow, others have too much.

russia snow

 November is the start of the European Alpine ski-season but this year, high pressure has largely kept the Alps snow-free and the season has been delayed.

Elsewhere, some seem to cope better with the snow than others. In Russia it was business-as-usual as even the launch of a Soyuz rocket, taking astronauts to the International Space Station went ahead despite steady snow.

In northwestern China heavy snowfall caused some delays but the snowploughs were out in force to clear the roads.

A rare fall of snow in Iran caused much interest as a cold front swept down through the Levant countries bringing unseasonably low temperatures.

Meanwhile, in several states of the U.S. residents went about their daily lives as normal despite significant snowfall.

For the residents of South Island, New Zealand November snow is unusual as the southern hemisphere is heading into late spring.

Source: Al Jazeera