Guinea appoints civilian PM

Opposition leader sworn-in as nation moves towards elections and away from military rule.

Guinean military chief Captain Moussa Dadis Camara
Camara signed a pact agreeing for an interim government to hold democratic elections [AFP]

Dore’s appointment as prime minister comes less than two months after Moussa Dadis Camara, the Guinean military leader that led the coup, was badly wounded in an assassination attempt.

Earlier this month, Camara agreed to stay in neighbouring Burkina Faso and not return to Guinea while he recuperates after being shot in the head by a former

Konate, the defence minister, assumed control of the country after the attempt on Camara’s life.

Military coup

Camara’s National Council for Democracy and Development [CNDD] sparked a political crisis when it took power in a military coup.

He promised to hold elections within the year and address rampant corruption in the desperately poor country.

However, suggestions that Camara did not intend to step down sparked public protests which culiminated in a brutal crackdown by the presidential guard on one demonstration in the capital Conakry.

More than 150 people were killed in the massacre for which the UN said Camara was responsible. 

Dore, who helped lead the demonstration, had his skull cracked when he was beaten by soldiers loyal to Camara.

Source: News Agencies


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