The Cost of War

A look at the legacy of the devastation of Gaza on every day life for those living there.

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Beyond the human casualties, Israel’s war inflicted considerable damage on the infrastructure of Gaza.

The Cost of War looks at the longer term legacy of that destruction and devastation on the everyday quality of life and future prospects of the people of Gaza.

By following characters associated with buildings that were targeted in the war, the film explores the humanitarian and economic situation in Gaza and the longer term impact of the war on human development.

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Palestinian leaders accused Israel of collectively punishing the Palestinian people, but how has the destruction of government and municipal buildings affected law and order?

How has the destruction of universities and schools impacted education? And what about hospitals, clinics, electricity grids, sewage works?

On top of this, Israel is still preventing reconstruction in the Gaza Strip, refusing to allow the unimpeded entry of fuel, building materials and spare parts.

The siege is also making it difficult for experts and consultants to enter Gaza and prevents Palestinian professionals in the infrastructure field leaving Gaza for training abroad.

The Cost of War examines the longer term legacy of Israel’s war on Gaza.

The Cost of War aired from December 30, 2009.

Source : Al Jazeera

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