Gunmen open fire in Mexican town

At least eight people are killed in the shooting, including four teenagers.

Local media said most of the victims were aged between 15 and 20 [AP]
Local media said most of the victims were aged between 15 and 20 [AP]

Robles said the men drove past with AK-47 rifles into the crowd. At least four other people were injured.

Gang-related violence

The seaside boulevard is a popular weekend gathering place for

Teenagers regularly gather on the seafront boulevard at Navolato, not far from the regional capital of Culiacan.

At least 13,500 people have been killed by gangs since Felipe Calderon took the presidency in 2006. He ordered tens of thousands of troops and federal police to fight the cartels.

The government says most of the deaths are due to inter-gang violence, although cartels have also stepped up attacks on the police and officials.

Clubbers and and those drinking in bars are frequent targets.

The police suggest the drugs’ world could be connected to the deaths [File: EPA]

Meanwhile, the authorities paraded several men in Ciudad Juarez accused of killing at least 211 people for the Juarez cartel.

Most of the killings took place in Ciudad Juarez, close to the US border at El Paso, Texas, according to a statement from the joint military and police force in charge of security in the city. The authorities did not give a timeframe for the killings.

Four men allegedly belong to La Linea, a gang of hit men for the Juarez cartel, have been arrested in total, the statement said. One is accused of killing 87 people.

The men were arrested after information from seven people questioned last week over 39 murders, the statement said.

Ciudad Juarez is Mexico’s most violent city, with more than 1,400 people killed this year alone despite the presence of thousands of soldiers and federal police.

The vast majority of murders remain unsolved.

Many of the killings are the result of drug smugglers fighting over lucrative routes into the US.

Source: News Agencies


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