Lebanon’s unity government

A list of the 30 members of the Lebanese cabinet agreed after months of negotiations.

Saad al-Hariri was able to form a cabinet after months of wrangling [EPA]

Lebanon’s new unity cabinet contains 15 members of the majority coalition led by Saad al-Hariri, 10 from the opposition bloc and another five appointed by Michel Sleiman, the president.

The list below includes each member’s political affiliation and the community they come from.

Prime minister: Saad Hariri (majority, Sunni)

Defence minister: Elias Murr (appointed by president, Greek Orthodox, unchanged). Murr was also appointed deputy premier.

Foreign minister: Ali al-Shami (opposition, Shia)
Interior minister: Ziad Baroud (appointed by president, Maronite, unchanged)

Finance minister: Raya Haffar (majority, Sunni)
Telecommunications minister: Charbel Nahhas (opposition, Catholic)

Information minister: Tareq Mitri (majority, Greek Orthodox, unchanged)

Justice minister: Ibrahim Najjar (majority, Greek Orthodox, unchanged)

Public works and transport minister: Ghazi Aridi (majority, Druze, unchanged)

Sports and youth minister: Ali Abdullah (opposition, Shia)

Education minister: Hassan Mneimneh (majority, Sunni)

Displaced persons minister: Akram Shehayeb (majority, Druze)

Energy and water minister: Gibran Bassil (opposition, Maronite, moves from telecommunications)

Labour minister: Boutros Harb (majority, Maronite)

Agriculture minister: Hussein Hajj Hassan (opposition, Shia, Hezbollah)

Health minister: Mohammad Khalifeh (opposition, Shia, unchanged)

Social affairs minister: Salim Sayegh (majority, Maronite)

Industry minister: Abraham Dadayan (opposition, Armenian Orthodox)

Tourism minister: Fadi Abboud (opposition, Maronite)

Culture minister: Salim Wardeh (majority, Catholic)

Environment minister: Mohamed Rahhal (majority, Sunni)

Economy and trade minister: Mohammed Safadi (majority, Sunni, unchanged)

State minister for administrative development: Mohammed Fneish (opposition, Shia, Hezbollah, moves from labour)

State minister for parliamentary affairs: Michel Pharaon (majority, Catholic)

State minister: Adnan Sayyed Hussein (appointed by president, Shia)

State minister: Wael Bou Faour (majority, Druze, unchanged)

State minister: Adnan Qassar (appointed by president, Sunni)

State minister: Yussuf Saadeh (opposition, Maronite)

State minister: Jean Ogassapian (majority, Armenian, unchanged)

State minister: Mona Ofeish (appointed by president, Greek Orthodox)

Source : News Agencies

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