Waiting for Barack

Democrats tell Al Jazeera what they want from Obama’s big speech.

Thousands of Democrats are gathering at a sports stadium in Denver to hear Barack Obama give his first speech as the party’s presidential candidate.

Al Jazeera spoke to some of those attending the event to find out what they were hoping for from the Illinois senator’s speech.

Carol Bell, Rockford, Illinois, nurse

My husband and I both worked for Hillary Clinton and we’re here now to support Obama.

I expect he’ll get very motivated, add some meat and potatoes to what we already have here thus far, and motivate everyone to get out and work hard in a unified manner to make sure he and the Democratic party are successful in November. I think we’ve made great strides towards unity.

The big picture is to make sure we elect a Democrat in the White House in November.

James Apple, Dallas Texas, businessman

I really think Obama will walk out here and get everyone excited. It seems that after all the hype people are starting to unite, it’s really important.

Things may not have worked out exactly how everyone wanted them to but right now it’s about getting some order back into our government.

This is huge – he’s going to be the first black president.

Dale Reid, Denver, nurse practitioner

I am with a volunteer organisation, a disability rights organisation, because Obama supports our legislation  – the Community Support Act – and McCain doesn’t. We’ve worked hard and one of our members is with the Obama family tonight.

I’m also concerned about our future because I think our domestic policies are poor under the current administration and I don’t think McCain will change anything at all.

This whole thing is incredible, all these people here tonight is just remarkable.

Barbara Caley, Denver, retired NGO worker

We’re all very excited here with all the build-up and I think he’ll talk about all the changes he wants to make.

The different focus he wants for the country, improving the economy and getting out of the war, and putting people ahead of special interests.

The whole thing has been so exciting, Denver has been amazing.

Peter Corroon, Salt Lake county mayor, Utah

My expectations are that Obama, hopefully president Obama, will outline his plans for the future of our nation, also try to bring together the Democratic party, try to bring together the various supporters of different candidates to support his candidacy for president.

The last time a public acceptance of a nomination was like this was when JFK accepted his nomination.

I think it’s an historic moment, having an African-American presidential candidate and a great example of how all the citizens whether in politics or not can be part of this process.

Roland Atkins, retired security firm owner, Colorado


It’s a historic moment here, I think we’ll all walk out of this stadium bonded.

Everyone strong and together because we have to beat McCain and get the republicans out of office. The country’s in worse shape right now, the internal problems – a lot of my neighbours have lost their homes and jobs, and the world used to respect us, now they don’t.

It’s unbelievable here, I just hope everyone leaves tonight united, regardless of colour gender or class.

Source: Al Jazeera

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