Dr. Jane Goodall

Riz Khan meets the world-renowned anthropologist and primatologist.

Jane Goodall - One on One

Jane Goodall encourages young people to have
greater awareness of the environment  [EPA] 

This week on One on One meet the world-renowned anthropologist and primatologist, Dr. Jane Goodall, whose devoted work in the jungles of Africa helped us to redefine the way we relate to primates. She went on to inspire generations of wildlife enthusiasts, and continues to work with young people across the globe to encourage sustainable development.
Jane Goodall’s fascination with animals began at an early age, and grew to become her passion. It evolved into her career too, when leading anthropologist, Louis Leakey, recognised her drive and trusted her enough to send her to Africa to study chimpanzees.
Her time at the Gombe reserve in what is now Tanzania made her a legend – especially as she turned up there as a young, white woman accompanied by her mother – the only way the British authorities would let her go.
Her patient observations changed our understanding of primate behaviour and use of tools.
Though she keps an active interest in this field of study, Dr. Goodall has recently focussed on encouraging young people to have greater awareness of the environment they share with not only each other, but the animal kingdom.  

The lead image of Jane Goodall with the chimpanzee has been provided by Michael Neugebauer.
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This episode of One on One aired on Saturday, June 07, 2008

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