Aftershocks crumble Chinese homes

At least 420,000 houses collapse and 63 people are injured by tremor.

More than 67,000 people were killed by the earthquake [AFP]
More than 67,000 people were killed by the earthquake [AFP]

The initial 7.9 magnitude quake also injured at least 362,000 people.


At least six people were killed by an aftershock in Sichuan on Sunday.


‘Quake lakes’


The shocks occurred as soldiers were working non-stop in the mountainous region to prevent a dam from collapsing.


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The troops are building a huge channel to divert water and ease pressure on the dam.


Hundreds of thousands of people were also being evacuated from the areas surrounding the dam to prevent further deaths.


Work has also been under way to unblock rivers obstructed by landslides caused by the quake.


The blocked rivers have turned into 35 “quake lakes”, 28 of which are still considered a “high risk”, state media said.


The authorities hope to remove the mud and rubble blocking the Tangjiashan lake, the largest of the so-called quake lakes, with dynamite.


About 150,000 people in Mianyang are to be evacuated by Tuesday night as a precaution against the lake’s 300 million cubic metres of water bursting the barrier.


On Monday the lake rose to 725.3m, just 26mbelow the lowest part of the blockage.

Source : News Agencies

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