Benin coach asked to fix match

Reinhard Fabisch says he was asked if there was any way he could manipulate a match.

Reinhard Fabisch
Benin's German coach Reinhard Fabisch, centre, says he was astonished by the match-fix approach [AFP]
“I told him: ‘Look, you have two minutes to leave the hotel or I will call the police’.”
Fabisch said the man had told him he represented a company based in Singapore which could fix games across Africa.

“I think that African players are vulnerable to this kind of approach, because many of them don’t have money.”

Reinhard Fabisch,
Benin manager

“I was astonished that he had the guts to approach a German to fix a football match,” said Fabisch.

“I think that African players are vulnerable to this kind of approach, because many of them don’t have money.
“This is why poor countries like Benin are targeted. I cut him short and told him to leave. It doesn’t help football.
“I assume that if someone approaches you like that, then they have that (money) in mind.”
Fabisch, who took over from Wabi Gomez in December after Benin qualified for the 2008 African Cup finals, said he was prepared to provide the Confederation of African Football with the contact details of the man.
CAF request affidavit
The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has told Fabisch he has 24 hours to sign an affidavit confirming his allegation of a bribery attempt.
CAF drafted a letter to the Benin Football Federation on Friday seeking clarity over the allegations.
Mustapha Fahmy, CAF secretary general, said they were investigating and Raymond Hack, disciplinary committee chairman, told Reuters the matter was being seriously considered.
“A letter has been sent and we wait to get formal confirmation of the allegation before we take the matter further,” Hack said.
CAF officials said they were concerned that no formal notification of the approach had been given to them before Fabisch spoke to reporters on Thursday.
They added that if Fabisch did not sign an affidavit confirming the allegation then CAF would consider charging the Benin federation with bringing the game into disrepute.
Source: News Agencies